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Hi! I'm Christen. (C.J. works, too!) I'm the founder of Copy Brewers, Muchology, and New Lore, all of which are carefully designed to help founders and creatives get the marketing and messaging they need to build their pipeline and grow their business.

 I'm a past teacher, constant creator, and overall copywriting-and-tech-loving generalist.

I'm usually knee-deep in a launch or two, whether it's a project for one of my companies or mixing up something for one of our clients. I specialize in boosting businesses that are community-driven, a bit out-of-the-box, and specialists in their corner of the world. 

While most of the startup and marketing world focuses on pattern matching their way to weirdly formulaic disruption designed to "eat the world", I believe we're in the era of micro movements. The right foundation and crew can take a business to scale while keeping the soul of the work and just have to build it right.

My job is to analyze what's happened in your business, make the big roadmap exquisitely clear, then zoom back in to layout the first few steps. Together, we'll create the narrative-focused and tech-supported marketing system your business needs to sell more to the right people.

Whether things feel a bit muddled and stagnant or you know it will all take off when the right pieces finally click into place, I can help.

Take a look at the ways we can connect and work together:

My Work:

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A Few Writing Examples:

Strategy and Consulting:

The Content Retreat

Set aside 4 days to map out and start your next 24 pieces of high-impact content!

With a mix of strategy sessions and time for deep work, it's designed to get your content on the calendar and off your to-do list with as little stress as possible.

Want the Copy Brewers team to write it all, too? We can do that! This is actually a Copy Brewers package, and it's a powerful one. You get to go do what you do best and know that content will flow in for 6+ months.


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(Virtual and in-person options available.)

Pocket CMO Package

Custom-designed Fractional Marketing and Tech expertise on stand-by for you and your team as you grow your business. Need to map out and manage a powerful go-to-market strategy? Growth outpacing your to-do list? Want someone to handle that pitch deck? Let's talk!

This can include regular strategy calls, messaging support, copywriting, tech set-up, and on-call generalist help...we'll do a consultation to outline what matters most for your next set of goals. 


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Trainings and Speaking

Group workshops, custom training cohorts, and public speaking for your group, in-house team, or accelerator. I have well-honed sessions, talks, and systems we can adjust to fit your crew and their goals, or I can work with your organization to build something custom.

Get in touch and we'll make a plan!


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Ready to talk about your project?

Ready to talk about your project?

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